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Don’t Call it a Comeback

Hello everyone! We have been away for a long time and have missed you all. About 1.5 years ago I started a business and it takes a lot (I mean a lot) of my time. Thankfully, the business is going very well but between work and family, I have very little time to post. We are still cooking and eating lots of great food but find it hard to take photos while cooking with two little kids running around.

The thing is, I really miss sharing our food. We create lots of yummy things using leftovers or pantry staples that I would love to share. Unfortunately, these creations start on a whim and are often eaten before I can get a picture. Despite the lack of a formal recipe, I think that folks might be inspired to try new things if they read about the food we are making. So I decided that we will have a new category of posts called Quick Bites. These posts will share the fun and different food ideas that we try. They won’t contain many pictures or full recipes but I hope you will find them enjoyable all the same.

Happy eating!


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