Fresh Mint Ice Cream with Fudge Brownies

A Little Bowl of Heaven

A Little Bowl of Heaven

Fresh mint + cream + chocolate brownies = a little bit of heaven.  Anyone else agree?  Marc got an ice cream maker for Father’s Day and ever since we have been busy churning out batches of delicious homemade ice cream.  Most of our inspirations come from the fantastic David Lebovitz (who has a super food blog with Parisian flair) and his book, The Perfect Scoop

The ice creams in the book are divided into two main types, custard style and Philadelphia style.  Philadelphia style ice creams are pretty easy to make.  You simply mix all ingredients in a blender until smooth and don’t typically need to cook anything.  Custard-based ice creams, on the other hand, involve cooking cream and egg yolks (and other flavorings) to mak a custard base.  Making custard can be a little tricky because you have to temper the eggs to avoid making a not-so-appetizing mix of cream and scrambled eggs. 

We have been pretty lazy and have made only Philadelphia-style ice creams.  While they have been delicious, we finally decided we needed to put on the big kid undies and try out a custard.  We had a big bunch of fresh mint left over from a recipe earlier in the week, a quiet and rainy Sunday, and no ice cream in the freezer… it was time.

I am pleased to say that making the custard was pretty simple.  Nary a single egg yolk was scrambled.  Of course, it was absolutely necessary to make a pan of Dense Chewy Brownies to stir into the ice cream.  The brownies are amazing – rich, fudgy, and they still taste almost like the batter even when they are cooked. 

Did I mention there are chocolate chips in here?

Did I mention there are chocolate chips in here?

The mint ice cream is really nice.  The fresh mint adds an herbal, green flavor to the ice cream that traditional mint does not have.  The final result is absolutely delicious.

Churning the Mint Ice Cream

Churning the Mint Ice Cream

Since both of these recipes can only be found in The Perfect Scoop, and since we didn’t modify them at all, I am not going to post them here.  It somehow feels wrong to post recipes that aren’t available for free on the internet if you don’t make any changes.  Consider this your incentive to purchase the book.  You won’t be sorry.


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